Kim Newby

Associate Broker

(207) 832-7885

(207) 691-4366

Having been a practicing corporate attorney for the past 25 years, Kim has a critical eye for detail and knows the ins and outs of negotiation. Duty to the customer is ingrained in Kim’s training and experience. As a real estate Associate Broker, Kim enjoys working through problems with customers and is ready to take on the hard tasks to get a deal done.

Kim has lived on one of the islands in the mid-coast region for the past 17 years. She loves the area both for its natural beauty and its close-knit communities. When not working, Kim raises ducks, tinkers as an amateur radio operator (Extra Class), keeps bees, and enjoys exploring the area on foot and by kayak with her husband James. Kim also volunteers with the Friendship Ambulance Auxiliary Foundation, an organization providing services to the Friendship community for over 70 years (

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